The agenda for 2020 Large Facilities Workshop is still under development. Below is a sample of the sessions that we expect to be on the final agenda. In addition, this year’s workshop will offer a special track focused on Operations Management.

  • Application of ISO Standards to Operations Management
  • Best Practices for Cyberinfrastructure Project Management
  • Considerations in Determining Federally Owned Property
  • Digitizing Workflow and Facilitating Knowledge Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Elements of Operations Budget Development
  • Establishing a Safety Culture
  • Facility Condition Assessment and Developing Property Lifecycle Maintenance Plans
  • Integration of Students in Operations
  • Introduction by Matt Hawkins
  • Introduction of Representatives and Facilities
    This session will be conducted in two parts. Through a series of lightning talks, each NSF Major Facility will introduce their facility including the field of science to give participants a feel for the breadth of facilities supported by NSF. Following the presentations, participants will break into networking groups based on their discipline for personal introductions and to discuss workshop interests.
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Leveraging Communications and Outreach Across Facilities
  • LF Operations and Management Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    The speakers of this session are Directors and Managers of NSF Large Facilities that have lessons learned experiences that may benefit other Large Facilities.
  • LF Strategic Action Planning for EPO and Communications Work Session
  • Metrics for Scientific Impact/Value
  • Metrics for Systems/Operations/Engineering Performance
  • New Community Tool
  • Operations Management Practices for Efficient and Effective Performance
  • Opportunities Realized and Lessons Learning via NSF Branding and Re-branding
  • Reducing Administrative Burden and/or Business Systems Review Hot Topics
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
    This session will include an update on NSF sexual harassment prevention policies and procedures, which will be followed by small group discussions on promising practices facilities are utilizing to foster harassment-free environments and a report out from the groups.
  • Tailoring the Project Execution Plan for Mid-Scale Research Infrastructure Projects
  • Technology Readiness Assessments
  • The Role of LF in Inspiring and Maintaining a Balanced STEM Workforce
  • Tools for Management of Maintenance
  • Trusted CI Framework: A Leadership Tool for Practical Cybersecurity Programs
    Trusted CI is developing a cybersecurity program framework along with associated implementation guides. The first cybersecurity program implementation guide is for providers of scientific cyberinfrastructure and is being produced with input and participation from the Large Facility community. This session discusses the motivation for developing the Trusted CI Framework and presents an overview of the cybersecurity program requirements described in the Framework and the relationship with other (e.g., NIST) frameworks and control sets in the categories of Mission Alignment, Governance, Resources and Controls. Much more detail will be presented in the two breakout sessions later in this workshop.

Do you have ideas about topics that should be included in the 2020 Large Facilities Workshop, or would you like to volunteer to lead or develop a session? Please contact us at:

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