New Community of Interest Pilot

We are encouraging the community to use the Operations & Facilities Management page to exchange information about issues they’re facing as a result of COVID-19 and how they’re dealing with them.

Portal Access

We are piloting a new community of interest website built on a platform called Forumbee. This pilot project is based on multiple requests we’ve received from the Large Facilities Community to facilitate conversation and knowledge sharing with the NSF-supported Large Facilities Community.

“Communities of Interest” are currently segmented by:

  • Business, Award, Budget & Finance Management
  • Communications, Education & Public Outreach and User Support
  • Environmental, Safety & Health and Quality
  • Operations & Facilities Management
  • Principal Investigators, Directors & Scientific Leadership
  • Project & Risk Management.

This forum is an opportunity to communicate with your peers about best practices and lessons learned.

The platform, Forumbee, is a cloud-based community forum for business, non-profit and government entities. It includes tools such as chat forums for Q&As, feedback, discussions, document sharing, voting and more. You may also add yourself to the community “contact list” to receive emails from other self-identified community members on topics of interest. No software needs to be installed in order to participate.

Be an Early Adaptor and Provide Your Feedback
We encourage all members of the large facilities community that would like to begin using the tool to do so now. You may request access to here. We will use feedback given early-on by user to shape the site’s development.

We anticipate a full rollout of the Community of Interest at the 2020 Large Facilities Workshop.