Cheryl Ann Blain

Communications Lead, Network Coordination Office (NHERI)

Dr. Cheryl Ann Blain is currently serving as Communications Lead within the Network Coordination Office (NCO) for NSF’s Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI). During her 1 ½ year tenure, a dynamic, online Newsroom was created on DesignSafe-CI that contains Feature Stories, News Releases, Monthly and Quarterly Recap Newsletters, links to DesignSafe Radio Podcasts, a Network-Wide Calendar and hosts Network Resources, such as the 10-Year Science Plan, Facility Logos and Presentation Templates. Dr. Blain also oversees the curation of an external Natural Hazards Weekly Newsletter. The recent NHERI network-wide social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter is Dr. Blain’s most ambitious undertaking yet. During her 24-year tenure at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Dr. Blain is recognized nationally and internationally for her leadership in advancing river, estuary, and coastal ocean modeling and prediction. Her most recent research activity focuses on coupling hydrology and ocean models at the land-sea interface. She currently serves on the Steering Committee for NSF’s Research Network in Hybrid Simulation for Multi-Hazard Engineering. She is known for fostering a tight collaboration between model developers and users which has resulted in more rapid model advancements and transition to operational environments as well as the development of user-oriented software and tools to facilitate model application. Dr. Blain has authored or co-authored over 40 refereed journal articles and has 8 issued patents. She is the recipient of the prestigious NRL Edison Patent and Alan Berman Publication Awards and has advised numerous postdoctoral scholars, PhD candidates, and students.


Bridging the Communications Gap for Key Stakeholders – Part II
Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – 2:05 pm
Join communicators from across NSF and the Large Facilities community to discuss topics including the impact of the 2018 NSF branding guidelines and its implementation by recipients. Insights into social media from NSF as well as success stories from facilities will also be shared. Q&A will allow discussion on how all can work together towards more communications successes.

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