Eric Palm

Deputy Lab Director, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Dr. Eric Palm received both his MA and PhD in Physics from Texas A&M University, where he won the Squire Fellowship. His thesis involved studying quantum interference effects in unique semiconductor devices at low temperatures in strong magnetic fields. He had previously received a BA in Physics from Rice University and taught physics at a high school in Houston, TX. After completing his PhD, Dr. Palm received a National Research Council postdoctoral fellowship to study the quantum Hall effect at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. When the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory opened its doors in 1993 he was one of the first scientists hired in the DC Field Facility at the MagLab. He served as the Millikelvin Facility Chief in charge of creating experimental apparatus capable of cooling a sample very close to absolute zero while in the highest magnetic fields in the world. In late 2007 Dr. Palm was selected to be the Director of the DC Field Facility, the largest of the facilities at the MagLab. In 2012 he became the Deputy Laboratory Director of the MagLab working in partnership with the Director to ensure that the lab is performing at the highest level possible. In addition, Dr. Palm has over 70 publications and has research interests in a variety of subjects including unconventional superconductivity and highly correlated electron systems.


User Program Practices
Thursday, April 4, 2019 – 9:10 am
A Panel of NSF Major Facilities will provide an overview of their User Program including their community, services, and challenges. They will discuss performance measurements and how these are aligned with the facility mission and user satisfaction and outreach. Each Facility will make a presentation and then the Panel will answer questions from the Workshop participants.

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