Sarah Sulick

Public Affairs Specialist, NSF Office of Legislative & Public Affairs

Sarah Sulick works at the National Science Foundation as a public affairs specialist focused on strategic communications, social media and external affairs. She previously worked for the Smithsonian, where she has more than 15 years in public affairs and communications. She started at the National Zoo in media relations where she worked to raise the profile of the Zoo’s world-class scientific research and conservation work when she wasn’t handling publicity for the extremely demanding and always ungrateful giant pandas. For the past 10 years, she worked in the Smithsonian’s central office of public affairs, launching the organization’s social media presence and building a community of practice for digital outreach across its 19 museums, nine research centers and zoo. She also led the communications strategies for the Smithsonian’s technology initiatives, positioning the Smithsonian as a digital innovator in the cultural sector.


Bridging the Communications Gap for Key Stakeholders – Part II
Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – 2:05 pm
Join communicators from across NSF and the Large Facilities community to discuss topics including the impact of the 2018 NSF branding guidelines and its implementation by recipients. Insights into social media from NSF as well as success stories from facilities will also be shared. Q&A will allow discussion on how all can work together towards more communications successes.

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